Choosing a career is difficult. Shifting to another is much tougher. But once a strong career is established, you can attain financial security, professional boost, and the right direction for the future. And today this forms the core of Centerpeace Career Development (CCD). Since its inception on January 13, 2019, CCD has focused on harnessing professional knowledge with industry experience of its experts to provide exemplary career counseling. Today, we help people living in North Lawndale and its outskirts to secure the job they have always desired. What makes us different from others is a will to provide end-to-end support, ensuring you can balance your career development with your passion. At CCD, we make it happen. 

CCD is a team of talented individuals who are committed to providing full-fletch consultation and support in taking you one step close to a successful career. Whether you have just graduated and looking for the first job or you are planning to move on a leadership role, CCD provides unparalleled career coaching services while building your personal brand.

Part of our vision is to reach out to underserved communities who are unable to access quality coaching services just like other members of the society. Women continue to face issues in establishing their names in the field. Individuals with low income are forced to navigate the world of employment without professional help. Felons and veterans can rarely land up at good jobs. But at CCD, we aim to change this. 

Our Difference 

By providing quality, cost-effective, and tailored services, CCD will be your professional partner helping you to rise above the ladder of success. We can help you navigate through difficult career-related decisions in an efficient manner. With personal branding solutions, CCD can ensure you are confident than ever to be a leading name in the industry. 

We focus on careers versus job seeking to assist under-represented groups.  Our coaching is offered in a not-for-profit platform which is largely unprecedented throughout the United States.  We bring a billion-dollar industry to the forefront and provide access to those in need offering our coaching services and programs within a for-profit context.